Thursday, July 15, 2010

Palin Family Circus News - Thursday, July 15, 2010

From People's "Bristol Palin Wants More Kids -- Just Not Right Now:"

Now that she's engaged, Bristol Palin is already thinking about expanding her family. It just won't happen anytime soon.

"I'm going to wait a while, definitely," she tells PEOPLE. "I'm not going to rush into having another kid."

Bristol, 19, who reconciled with former boyfriend Levi Johnston, 20, says their 18-month-old son Tripp "will have a brother or sister, eventually." ...

Bristol and Levi talk about how Levi proposed during an Us Weekly video, here.

GOP man about town Fred Malek, speaking of the engagement of Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, told the Washington Post's Jason Horowitz, "It will be highly cynical to look for a political motive in this situation which has brought two young people together."

There are more stories about the engagement at The Washington Post's Reliable Source column. Who says this isn't news?

It's a dog-eat-dog world in Georgia's Republican gubernatorial primary. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Political Insider column tells us:

Former state senator Eric Johnson this afternoon called on his rival Republican candidates for governor to cease their attacks on each other – declaring that they were playing into the hands of Gov. Roy Barnes. ...

Sarah Palin, who is backing Karen Handel, made robo-calls to thousands of GOP voters in an effort to defend Handel against charges that Handel had waffled on gay rights issues and was a weak opponent of abortion. Those charges were made by John Oxedine, the state's insurance commissioner and front-runner on the Republican side, who claimed Handel "... gave almost a half-million dollars to an abortion provider. And supported tax-payer benefits for gay couples. Sounds like a liberal Democrat. It's the Karen Handel you didn't know."

During her robo-call, Palin says, according to the Journal-Constitution,
“The primary is really close. So Karen’s opponents are kind of saying those crazy things about her. Please just get the truth for yourself. Karen is a pro-life, pro-family constitutionalist – a Republican who’s going to fight for what is right.”

“Because she is taking on the status quo, well, Karen’s opponents are always telling the truth about her views on those issues that we hold dear….” [Was that a slip? The sentence not finished? Misquoted?]

Finally, Politics Daily has an interesting article by Sandra Fish, "Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Tom Pawlenty: Where Their PAC Money Goes."


Joie Vouet said...

Sarah's robo-call sounded to me like, ... "The primary is really close. So Karen's opponents are kind of saying those kinds of crazy things about her. ... Karen's opponents aren't always telling the truth about her views on those issues that we hold dear ...

"So Karen's opponents are kind of saying those kinds of crazy things about her." LoLz. Is Sarah sure? She says that in her best imitation of Reagan's folksiness, but did Reagan sing-song?

nswfm said...

I liked the other way better:

"Karen’s opponents are always telling the truth about her views on those issues that we hold dear...."

Anonymous said...

WaPo story is good..shoots down conspiracy theories..or does it.. Pravda on the Potomac..

Anonymous said...

Also, too, "they aren't always telling the truth" doesn't rule out that Oxedine IS telling the truth about Handel. Sarah needs to fess up and let us know who "they" are and which of the things "they" have said about Handel are those "kind of crazy things."

Oh! And isn't "crazy" like "pregnant?" You either are or you aren't. Never "kind of."

Joie Vouet said...

Patrick Palingates, who laments "Jerry-Springer-like internet battles," and states that there is an "urgent need for everyone to try to come their senses and calm down," ends the post with:

"We don't claim that it's the "ultimate truth" what we present here. It's our opinion, based on the available information. Other people might come to different conclusions, and we strongly encourage everyone to discuss these issues and make up your own mind."