Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Palin Family Circus - Is The Wedding Off? - Video Double Feature!

Here's Us Weekly's Executive Editor, Caroline Schaefer, on this morning's "Today" talking with Natalie Morales about the engagement of Bristol & Levi. Sarah doesn't approve of the marriage! (via "Bristol: Mom 'doesn't approve' of engagement")

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Us Weekly has video of Bristol & Levi talking about it: Bristol Palin: Sarah "Doesn't Approve" of Levi Engagement

There may be some truth to the story that Sarah won't attend the wedding. Would she be invited? Will there be a wedding?

See IM's post, "As anybody with half a brain could have predicted the Levi/Bristol reunion is already beginning to crumble," too.

And, speaking of Sarah, here's Jimmy Kimmel with some insight on where mosques should be built, along with some late breaking news about the meaning of "refudiate:" (via "Kimmel: Palin's 'Like The Eskimo Don King'")

Update: Cue the lawyers. Sarah's attorney denies that she's boycotting the wedding.


Joie Vouet said...

Are we being taken for a ride? LoLz

Grouchodawg said...

Sarah Palin...the new Norm Crosby!!!

Elizabeth said...

Ok, what ball is being missed by this wonderful (?) distraction?

Joie Vouet said...

Norm Crosby is worth googling.


I owe. I owe. It's off to work I go.
Goodnight, everyone.

Joie Vouet said...

I'm back. There were several comments I haven't published, but ...

I read the current post at palingates. There was something interesting there: "One of these sources, and I have said this before, is a high ranking politician within the Republican Party in Alaska, whose name we know."

The name of that source may have been revealed at least twice in that blog's comments. The first time was about the time Going Rogue was published, and it may have been said (by that blog) that Sarah had had a miscarriage (which may have been said to have been described in Going Rogue). A commenter said that she knew of the "miscarriage" before the book's publication, from a source she named. The source she named could certainly be said to be "a high ranking politician within the Republican Party in Alaska."

I am not saying this to lend credence to palingates' post. It is mostly old news from the National Enquirer mixed with some innuendo, insinuation, and speculation. That sort of thing is common in blogs. I am saying it so you'll know that the identity of that source may have been given away by that blog. That commenter was named Kathleen and appeared to be someone close to the blog and in a position to know about its contacts. She said that her information came from Lyda Green.

Anonymous said...

Scarah is orchestrating the whole thing. And nobody's buying it.

Joie Vouet said...

That's an interesting item, anonymous. Upstaged by Angelina & Brad