Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Palin's Bad Relationship with the Press

Bill Keller, editor of The New York Times, has written a thoughtful article about Sarah Palin's relationship with the press. It's worth reading in its entirety, so I'll only excerpt one paragraph:
... Palin’s disdain [for the press] goes beyond the bitterness of a public figure who has been burned by the press. Plenty of others have endured the pain of mainstream-media excoriation but have remained civil and responsive. What these politicians have in common, though, is enough confidence in the strength of their ideas to imagine that they can make a case through the press, if not actually to the press. Perhaps one key to Palin’s dislike of the news media is a streak of intellectual insecurity, or a trace of impostor syndrome. Her best defense against being found shallow is a strong offense. ...
So, does anyone think she'll run? With this sort of relationship with the press? Read what Keller had to say about Ronald Reagan.


Anonymous said...

Contrary to her complaints about the MSM, she lights up with delight when they approach her. She's at her most flirtatious and "adorable." Her aides, many times, have literally had to drag her away from the reporters. Just can't get enough attention.

nancydrew said...

Thanks for the link Joie--my 20 "reads" for the month are used up, and when the editors decided to place her bus tour "news" above the fold, I dropped the plan to possibly pay to subscribe. Nuh-uh.

Liked his "acid reflux" simile. Very nice.