Sunday, June 12, 2011

Burning Toast: Sarah Palin's toxic relationship with Lyda Green

The L.A. Times is writing about Lyda Green (former Alaska State Senator) and Sarah Palin, and the Times is using Frank Bailey's e-mails to understand some of the material redacted in Palin's e-mails. In "Sarah Palin emails: Relationship with Senate president grew 'toxic'," the paper states:
... In his memoir "Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin," former aide Frank Bailey says Palin's relationship with Green started going downhill in 2007 when Green called for an audit of a flailing state-run dairy that Palin had sought to save from closure.

"A relationship that was once cordial grew toxic,” Bailey wrote. “As a result, Green had to be dealt with. When she decided to run again for the state senate seat in late 2007, Sarah actively plotted against her, even suggesting in an email, 'Hey—Ivy even lives in [her] district come to think of it!'" referring to aide Ivy Frye. "'Never hurts to rumormonger.'" ...

... "Differences and any show of disagreement on policy dissolves into, for her, a disagreement on personality," Green said in a 2008 interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. "And it becomes personal very quickly.”

By April 2008, Palin became convinced that Green was the one spreading rumors.

It started with a rumor that Palin's daughter Bristol was pregnant, which Palin traced back to Green’s office. (Bristol gave birth to son Tripp in late December 2008.)

"Flippin unbelievable," she wrote. "Wouldn't you think they'd be afraid of being proved wrong when they rumor around the building like that?...hopefully it'll be another reason why reporters and the public can't trust that odd group of strange people."

A week later, press aide Sharon Leighow reported to Palin: "Lyda’s office was also spreading a rumor a couple of days ago that [Chief of Staff Mike] Tibbles had a panic attack this week and [Deputy Chief of Staff Mike] Nizich had to take him home.”

"Oh flippin geez," Palin replied. "That was probably when he went to his doctor’s appt to get his [REDACTED] checked out? What is wrong with these people.”

The conflict seems to have tainted even the most uneventful of encounters between the two warring offices. ...
Seemingly, one of Lyda Green's aides assumed at one point that Sarah Palin was cooking breakfast in the capitol building. How will we ever know whether Sarah burned the toast?

This feud was a colossal waste of Alaskan taxpayer dollars. Both Green and Palin are Republicans. Remember, it was the Governor and Senate President feuding.

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Whoa, Baby! said...

From the research I did, it sounded like Lyda Green had good reason to be upset. Sarah? Not so much. Remember the RUMOUR that Lyda Green started the Bristol pregnancy rumour is ONLY a rumour. Sarah is the one who acted on it with Ivy's help.