Monday, June 13, 2011

Debate in New Hampshire: Palin conspicuous by her absence

A debate between candidates for the 2012 Republican nomination will occur in New Hampshire tonight and be televised on CNN at 8 PM (eastern).

Sarah Palin will not be there. Michele Bachmann, who is poised to steal Palin's conservative support, and Ron Paul, the clear heir to her libertarian support, will be there.

The Los Angeles Times' "It's Mitt Romney and the rest as candidates debate in New Hampshire" has some interesting polling news, and CBS News' "The Republican debate: 10 things to watch," where this post's photo was obtained, attempts to size-up the debate before it occurs. Vanity Fair's "Tonight’s Republican Debate Podium-Order Rationale Revealed" states that the candidates polling the best will be placed in the middle of the on-screen lineup.

Will the other candidates go after Mitt Romney or will all of them gang-up on President Obama? North Carolina's Times Union reports that the President was in N. Carolina today, working on what may be his only obstacle to re-election: Jobs.

The debate, tonight, will be especially interesting to Republican activists and primary voters, who are searching for a good-looking and good-sounding candidate. Those people will decide who the nominee will be and will be comparing what Romney has to say about the issues important to them with what Pawlenty and the other candidates have to say about them. If Palin isn't there, she won't figure in those discussions.

Update: "Michele Bachmann announces presidential campaign" -- CBS News

Update: CBS News' "GOP debate: The winners and losers" has some opinion about the debate, as well as links to several other debate stories.

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Anonymous said...

You know it will be 'attack Obama.' I dare King to ask them to state anything specific that THEY would do to create jobs, and refuse to allow the nonanswer "cut corporate taxes and let the private sector work." They cannot come up with anything because there is nothing...lowering taxes still further will deepen this recession...allowing the Bush cuts to stand is suicide, and they know it. But right now, they want the unemployment numbers to go up, and people to get depressed, because then they can claim that Obama is the devil they said he was and that the idiotic GOP has the answers (but they aren't telling nah nah na nah nah.) So instead they will plot to regain power, at which point they will not only gut Medicare, but Social Security, end unions, take over towns that they have driven into bankruptcy, and create more havoc than this country has ever seen. We cannot survive a return to GOP power...King better make that clear, too.