Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Palin Family Circus News - Wednesday, October 8, 2010

Bristol Palin survived for another week on Dancing With the Stars. E! Online's The Soup blog is under the impression that Bristol has a sense of irony.

Sarah Palin is doing well in one poll.

The Guardian's Paul Harris thinks Palin isn't a fool, that she won't run:

... No one is asking a more fundamental question: does she actually want to run?

I mean, really run for president, rather than just coyly playing a waiting game with a fascinated media that hangs on her every word. I see little evidence that she does.

Amid all the gossip and dirt of the hit book Game Change about the 2008 election, a picture emerges of a Palin who clearly hated the high pressure of the campaign trail. She hated the long days, the constant scrutiny over every tiny detail, and the constraints of a vast and controlling campaign staff. She disliked the constant demands of the press, even though her rare media appearances were so carefully orchestrated. ...

It was in Game Change that Palin was reported to have said during the campaign that she would not have run if she knew at the time she was selected what she learned after experiencing the relatively minor pressure of running for VP.

James Fallows, writing in the online Atlantic, thinks Christine O'Donnell may be more dangerous than Sarah Palin:

... Sarah Palin was wounded by Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson in their 2008 interviews because she seemed at some level aware of what she didn't know. She was obviously uncomfortable with Couric's "What newspapers, specifically, do you read?" question because she sensed that the topic held perils. She acted the way I would if questioned about, say, opera. ("Which ones do I like? All of them! They're so great. All those notes!") ...

... [But Christine] O'Donnell [during last night's debate] comes across as a perfect, unflappable product of the talk-show culture. Sarah Palin knows that she is bad under open questioning -- so she avoids it, speaks only to selected audiences, is interviewed only by Fox. If she were to run for president, which I've always doubted, this would make her brittle for the unavoidable main campaign. Christine O'Donnell shows that the other path can create a better, unshakably on-message product for this era. ...

But tonight's poll reveals that Palin is thought to be a sexier candidate than O'Donnell.

Breaking News: Sarah Palin's bid for a restraining order against Pennsylvania man succeeds:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- An Alaska judge has issued a six-month protective order against a Pennsylvania man accused of stalking former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. ...

... Palin indicated in court papers filed Monday that she was fearful that Christy's conduct would result in her death or injury.

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