Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Palin Family Circus News - Tuesday, October 18, 2010

The circus continues ...

The NY Times' Maureen Dowd called Sarah Palin (and the other Mama Grizzlies) Mean Girls, "grown-up versions of those teenage tormentors who would steal your boyfriend, spray-paint your locker and, just for good measure, spread rumors that you were pregnant."

Palin shot back, according to CNN, but, for now, Dowd has had the last word!

Of course, this blog called Palin a mean girl long before Dowd did, but we don't claim that Dowd reads the blog. If we did that, we'd have to claim that at least one other NY Times writer gets her news here.

So, Sunday we got a new HDTV to see DWTS (just kidding, but did get the TV). It seemed that it was on forever before Bristol danced. Does anyone know why that show is so popular? The TV is nice, though. My public library has about 200 blue-ray movies, and when we're through those no worry, because I've got cards at other libraries. We did buy "The Day The Earth Stood Still," and will buy another to turn the TV into a virtual aquarium. Netflix is a possibility, too. We live in a cable-free, dish-free zone. But I've digressed; back to the circus with Politics Daily, which says,

Responding to judges' pleas to include more performance in her performances, Bristol's partner, Mark Ballas, decided to bring in clowns to work with her on expressing herself. But that wasn't the end of the clowning around. Ballas also elected to begin their jive to the Monkees theme song dressed as, well, monkeys.

Didn't we know there was a circus here?


Joie Vouet said...

This is the aquarium video I'm thinking of. Apparently, there are three videos on the disk, shot with very high quality equipment, and they make the TV look like an aquarium (no camera movement).

nswfm said...

I like that video--the fishy beauty without the fishy hassle!

WTG, Joie on the circus and the mean girl thing.

Anonymous said...

We don't watch cable much either except for news and PBS Mysteries. We just watched the old Rockford Files videos- that theme song just makes me feel happy.

Joie Vouet said...

nswfm and 6:25, Thanks for visiting. I've just seen Dr. Strangelove ... Deadly, mad comedy. Yesterday, it was North by Northwest ...

There is a lot at the library.