Saturday, October 2, 2010

How not to boost your blog's traffic

aview999 is one of palingates' most prolific commenters. He (or she) at times writes a lot of the comments that appear on palingates. aview999, also active on HuffPo, went from a nobody there to a high-level muckety-muck in a short period of time, with hundreds of fans, but was recently banned. And the guy is asking HuffPo for a written explanation.

Why was he banned? Probably for spamming and hijacking HuffPo's posts with links to palingates. It was so obvious; there is no need to ask HuffPo.

You can click on both of these images to see how a conspiracy to bring aview999 back from the dead is under way:

Traffic at palingates has cratered the last couple of days (Hint, Patrick: If it's not about Sarah Palin, fewer people are interested), so Patrick may want aview999 back into action, spamming HuffPo.

These guys are like Chicken Little and The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Don't spam the blogosphere with links unless your post delivers what your spam promises! How long will it take HuffPo and its readers to get wise to the new aview?

The times shown in the palingates comments are Central European Time. Six hours ahead of EDT. The post is their Monthly Message, of October 1, 2010.


Joie Vouet said...

Sure, they get some visitors whenever they spam, but how many of those visitors come back? Most of the visitors are probably disappointed.

It isn't sustainable. It's a rat-race.

Joie Vouet said...

The Village Voice article is "White America Has Lost Its Mind," by Steven Thrasher.

I haven't read it yet, but the cover has Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Andrew Breitbart, and someone else wearing straight jackets and strained expressions, except Sarah Palin -- she's doing her maniacal laugh.

Anonymous said...

Before you're mob-slammed, I'd like to commend you for this post. Anonymously, of course. For some reason I've yet to fathom, the Palingates keepers seem to think that non-stop banter in the comments is a good thing. They haven't seemed to mind that all the idle blather might undermine the credibility if the site. And banging drums to bring in traffic....bad net manners.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of wondering why this is something you care about...seems to me that if you don't like palingates, you just stop going there. But you seem actually put out by them. In fact yr blog seems to have been hijacked but someone who's at cross purposes with palingates, so I guess that explains why you go to check their hits. Remember every time you visit it you increase the count. And as of this visit, I stop coming here. Mel

Anonymous said...

What a weird post. Why in the world do you care how palingates does their business? Aren't all of the Palin themed blogs after the same thing? Considering how often their posts and research are referenced on all of the Palin blogs it seems like sour grapes.

Finally, they are one of the few blogs that doesn't pick and choose "approved" comments, so if comments get stagnant, it's normal.

Weird post.

Joie Vouet said...

3:12, 3:18, I am just trying to help. A little constructive criticism won't hurt.

Their "research" isn't the best, certainly not worthy of a pulitzer prize as some of their readers seem to think.

Patrick is concerned about their hits, so it makes me curious what the fuss is about, and it's very interesting how he gets them, which is the topic of this post.

I go there for the trainwreck quality of the comments and to marvel at how unorganized and poorly written the posts are. They often don't have a point, or have more than one point, and seem designed to elicit outrage more than anything else.

Thank you for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Your post has 6 comments total... BUT 3 of them are your OWN so throw those out. So.... you created 1 more comment more than YOUR Average. Kudos to you.
Very creative.

Joie Vouet said...

I don't count the comments, 4:20, so if you'd like to file reports you're welcome to do so? Weekly? Monthly?

Anonymous said...

Comments at Palingates tend to be among the more vulgar of the sites I read, which to me is evidence that a "no policing" policy will usually go out of balance toward the lowest common denominator. These people are way too addicted to 'round the clock' yak. And then they laugh at the Palin fan club pool. This matters though, because the site has been mentioned several times by other media--Sullivan and Olbermann come to mind. So your minor criticism is appropriate. And what's up with their stat obsession and report? The higher the stats, the more people there are sitting in front of a screen too many hours of the day instead of being meaningfully involved in political action.

Joie Vouet said...

I have deleted two comments. The first told of a commenter at palingates being treated uncivilly; the second challenged that commenter to find the comment at palingates. I don't think palingates' comments are searchable, and the comments aren't for fights, so they're gone.

What I usually see at palingates is dissenting commenters told to go back to c4p, etc. I've never read all their comments, so I don't know what their worst is.

Personally, I've found the most offensive commenters are the clucking hens, the speculators, and those with baseless assertions of fact -- rumor mongers. I don't think it's a political blog at all.

Anonymous said...

JEALOUS?? I have also linked to Palingates on HP and have had many commentors thank me so what's the problem?? I and many others have always appreciated aveiw's links at HP and he/she has also linked to other sites not just Palingates...isn't Sarah the one we're trying to get the truth on ? not Aview999.

This won't show least at Palingates we ALL have free speech.

Joie Vouet said...

Cheer-up, 11:35. Palingates will survive. aview (and others) have been spamming the blogosphere, and Patrick encourages it.

If you appreciate the activities of ill-mannered people, that is your perogative.