Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shapeshifting Theory

Most of you have recently seen what you thought were pictures of Bristol Palin looking decidedly different than she used to look. Some, even a doctor, have said that Bristol had plastic surgery -- but what do all the doctors who've said nothing think? -- do they care? -- others have attributed her changed appearance to a weight change.

What is it? How should I know? I don't know who the subject of any of the pictures is, old or new, because I've never seen Bristol Palin. Nor do I know anything about the camera/lens, lighting, distance, or angle of the shots, not to mention whether they've been photoshopped.

There is another possibility! Bristol has a double. It's common among celebrities, corporate executives and politicians. One reason they employ a double is out of concern for their safety: The president of a huge corporation may have to address a shareholders meeting, but some people may hate the company, so the pres. wants to make sure he (or she) can safely travel to the meeting. Out comes the double, into a limo, then the motorcade proceeds to the convention hall. All the while the pres. gets into his own car and drives himself to the meeting. Why? If anyone is planning an attack, they'll attack the double.

Doesn't that make a lot of sense? Isn't it possible that Bristol has a double? Wouldn't that explain a lot?


Whoa, Baby! said...


Elizabeth said...

While admitting it is a possibility, I would ask why. Bristol is a 4th rate celebrity. Why would anyone bother with a double?

Whoa, Baby! said...

Also, she has the same mannerisms. Bristol has some quirky things she does. It is hard to totally double someone else. An imposter would give herself away eventually with her own mannerisms.

Maria said...

This article reports that Bristol admits to a surgical procedure but NOT plastic surgery. Hmmm... so what's her excuse for the other changes to her face?