Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sarah Palin Pregnant Again? Photo proof!

This photo is from The Washington Post's "Palin rewrites the rules but is that enough?" I thought a little levity was in order. I couldn't resist. She looks pregnant. Can anyone prove she isn't pregnant?

In other news, Vanity Fair's "Sarah Palin’s “One Nation” Tour Is a Secret Publicity Tour?" is interesting.

She's finished in Iowa before she gets there: "Sarah Palin calls to eliminate energy subsidies."

She's sure she can beat Obama: "Palin confident she could beat Obama." So why have some of the big-name Republicans -- full-term governors! -- announced that they won't run? Wouldn't they have a better chance of beating Obama than Palin?

And what now? Sarah Palin is in the presence of The Donald!