Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sarah Palin, Ink Blot

CBS News' '"Major indicator" of Sarah Palin run on the way?' may get to the heart of all things Palin:
... Palin faces a lot of challenges in a potential candidacy, says CBS News Political Correspondent Jan Crawford. On "The Early Show," Crawford said the fact Palin quit as governor is problematic even for some of her staunchest supporters.

"What does that say, kind of, about her fire in the belly to lead going forward -- whether she was able to win the presidency?" Crawford remarked. "You know, this really reminds me, though, when we're all looking at these clues, and of course people since 2008, November '08 after the election, have been wondering, 'Is Sarah Palin been going to run for president?'

"When you start seeing all these clues, it's kind of like those ink blot tests, where one person can look at all these dots and see a face and another person can look at them and see, you know, a vase. We have all these clues today that, yes, she's going to run. So it makes some people think she is. ... [emphasis added]
A rorschach test is a projective test. A lot of what people think about Palin is nothing more than a projection of their own hopes, expectations, fears and anxieties. It's how some come to think, for example, that she's a fiscal conservative when she's not.

I don't think she'll run, because I expect her to do what is in her own interest.


mistah charley, ph.d. said...

There's a story about an inkblot test. Picture after picture, the respondent's answers are exclusively of sexual situations. Finally, the examiner says, "You seem to be preoccupied with sex." The respondent replies, "Why do you say that, doc? You're the one with all the dirty pictures."

dianedp said...

She had a fire in her belly before the Governor's race too.
It lasted 2 years.
I think she and her supporters are confusing fire in the belly and brains in the head.
Didn't santorum get yanked from fox because he was considering running?
Why isn't palin?
Why should she get all the free publicity?