Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Palin Family Circus News - Wednesday, Januray 5, 2011

PopEater's Rob Schuter reports, in "Kathy Griffin's Newest Palin to Pounce On? Willow, 16:"

... "I think it's Willow's year to go down," Griffin snarked to The Hollywood Reporter. "In 2011, I want to offend a new Palin."

With her being only 16, Willow would seem to be a target fraught with disadvantages, but that doesn't matter to Kathy.

"[She] genuinely can't stand any of the Palin family," a friend of Kathy's tells me. "Yet, the real reason she won't leave them alone is she loves all the headlines she gets whenever she attacks them."

What would it take to pry Kathy's claws from the Palin family? My source thinks that if people would just doggone stop caring about the Palins, then Kathy would be the first to move on and "find another victim." ...

Uh-oh. Bristol Palin to run for John McCain's seat? David Kahane, writing in "I Hate You, Bristol Palin," has proposed:

... In the wake of Tron, the air has gone out of the market for film sequels in Hollywood, but reality television — that’s where the money is. So why not this:

Beyond Celebrity Thunderdome II: Bristol Palin vs. Meghan McCain — This Time, It’s Personal. Two babes enter, one babe leaves. Hosted by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Because you know — you just know — that one of them is going to run for Meghan’s father’s seat when it next comes up in 2016, by which time we’ll be in syndication and rolling in residuals.

Bristol, honey — have your agent call my agent and let’s make a deal. Better yet, let’s have lunch at Chaya.
Meghan McCain (born 1984) will be old enough for a Senate seat in 2016, but Bristol Palin will have to settle for a House seat. Sorry, Dave.

IM has posted a copy of an offer letter to Bristol Palin. Arizona is the land of opportunity, no?

CNN has "Political Circus: Former sitcom star blasts Palin, health care reform:"
... Roseanne Barr -- comedian, author, political activist and former star of the hit television sitcom "Roseanne" -- took shots at former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin during an interview about her new book on ABC's "Nightline" on Tuesday.

In "Roseannearchy: Dispatches From the Nut Farm," she wrote that Palin is "ripping off my act."

"She's not even telling the truth to the American people. I think she took a lot from me and from my show, absolutely," she said. ...
I'll have to watch my intellectual property more closely. NBC New York and, now, CNN have started Circus News columns.

In another "roundup" post -- What did I just say about my IP? -- Oops! "Palingates in 2010 - The Year in Review" -- They do live in the past, a lot, don't they? -- palingates' Patrick may have admitted to having a ghostwriter!
... Then there is Kathleen, whose influence on Palingates is much greater than is visible from the outside. Kathleen is a highly skilled professional researcher -- Is that a fact? Show us the offer letter! -- who doesn't get fooled by anyone -- Oh, really? -- and that's exactly what you need when you deal with Sarah Palin, the woman of many, many secrets. Also, many thanks to Kathleen for correcting my grammar on a daily basis.
One day Patrick gloated over discovering, he said, that Sarah Palin's ghostwriter is Rebecca Mansour. Now, Rebecca Mansour can be linked stylistically to some of Sarah Palin's Facebook rants, but not to all of them. A blogger with a ghostwriter --
Ach mein Gott! -- hasn't completed his research :)

The Business Insider noticed that Ann Coulter not only used the word retarded but referred to a person while doing so, and titled its article, "Will Sarah Palin Call For Ann Coulter's Head Over 'Retard' Tweet?"

This may be a signifigant development, because The Business Insider may have carried water for Palin in the past. I'll have to watch it, though, because they (I think it was at The Business Insider, if I remember correctly.) posted an article about Sarah's reality show performing poorly, then, later, replaced the article at that link with an article that would be more pleasing to Sarah Palin.


eliminatehypocrisy said...

I don't think anyone really cares whether it's Patrick, Kathleen or Regina doing the writing at Palingates. It's a fun blog and many people enjoy it. Lighten up already.

Joie Vouet said...

A very light touch is employed in the Circus News, eliminatehypocrisy. All hypocrites can be skewered here.

Joie Vouet said...

I put a little smiley on it for you, eliminate. At first I typed :O by hitting the space bar instead of the shift key.

Joie Vouet said...

Palingates is a fun blog? There is malice in the comment by aview999 at 8:10 PM (CET). Shouldn't a "german attorney" be expected to know about such things? Part 1. Part2.

akrusso said...

Yes, Palingates is a great blog, Joie. It's also a lot of fun to visit but if you don't like it, why bother checking on it? Many times posters will agree to disagree, not a problem, and much more adult that many other websites and how they can be childish in their disagreement as I've seen happen over the years no matter who or what was the topic.

There was a good reason, after all, that they were voted Best Political Blog ;)

Why the quotes on "german attorney"?