Monday, January 3, 2011

Palin Family Circus News - Monday, January 3, 2011 -- UPDATED!

Here, we see Sarah Palin squirming, under interrogation, in the film noir classic, "Gone to Arizona."

I never know whether to believe what is happening at palingates, but they're saying that Sarah Palin tweeted the letter 'T.' Of course, all sorts of speculation ensued. Why would she do that? Tara! Investigate that, kids, and find someone Sarah Palin is more comparable with than with Joseph Goebbels! Is Patrick projecting German guilt onto America?

A photo analyst has looked at satellite images of the house in Maricopa, AZ and tells me that it's really quite inaccessible. It's at the end of a twisty maze of streets. There is only one vehicle entrance to the development, and, of course, it will be easy to spot anyone who doesn't belong there. And there may not be just a small playground near Bristol's house; there may be a footpath to a nearby park, which is much larger.

Andrew Sullivan mentioned that Sarah Palin quit Fox! Would anyone be surprised? But it's a hoax. Nevertheless, there are some stories about why people like Palin and Huckabee may declare their candidacies for the Republican nomination later rather than sooner: George Stephanopolous has said so.

Finally -- for now; I am posting from a phone, and it's not easy -- Slate Salon has an article about how Republicans have soured on Sarah Palin. The article contains a link to a list of pundits (mostly) who have expressed misgivings about Palin; however, a better indication of how and why people (Republican governors, no less) have not only soured on her but have taken positions against her can be found in my recent "Sarah Palin has Lost The Food Fight" post.

Update: I'm now at a four-monitor Palin Surveillance Station. Things are much easier, now. A reader has mentioned that the "Slate" article is actually at Salon -- corrected. Also, there is a more recent article than the Salon article at CNN, here, about the skepticism Palin is facing from Republicans (thank-you, Malia), but even that article doesn't compare with mine. Dailykos' Steve Singiser's post "Even GOPers won't defend Palin's latest idiocy," echoes mine (it came later). Of course, we are both indebted to a very good Washington Post article, here.

Update: 5 January, 2011: Gryphen has posted an offer letter sent to Bristol Palin. Gone to Arizona!


Joie Vouet said...

We are on the case, aren't we?

I may write a review of "Gone With the Wind," which I recently sat through. Four hours?

nancydrew said...

Joie--You don't want to give the 'gates a wedge issue. That would be Salon, not Slate.

I hope the T is her "rosebud" moment, giving a hint as to which of her family members finally flipped, attacked her with the duct tape and left her mute.

Joie Vouet said...

nancydrew, Thanks for the correction.

I've heard of people accidentally sending things, or did she start to write something then change her mind? "Todd, Help!" Someone in a straight jacket would experience difficulties :)


Rather than write a review of "Gone With the Wind," I'll just mention that Scarlett O'Hara and Sarah Palin are very comparable.

Joie Vouet said...

As to giving palingates a "wedge" issue: Let them wedge away. It will drive them further into extremism and tabloid sensationalism. There is an audience for that, but that isn't an audience of voters, for the most part. To write for either palin-bots or antipalin-bots is a waste of time.

nancydrew said...

Joie--Actually I meant "wedge" a bit ironically. I think they deserve great credit for never ceasing to try to understand and interpret this strange and probably pathological woman's presence on our national stage. That, and that our jaded, oh-so-insider press-pets have let Palin have the stage and keep it. It's just that some days there's simply nothing worth saying about her, or accentuating, but apparently, the commenters don't want to stop firing up the computer to do non-stop overkill which feeds the beast. I just wish Patrick would say "case closed"--here's the archive--now, have at it. Comments closed. Why turn her into a stats franchise?

Joie Vouet said...

I've been asked how to comment anonymously. It's difficult, and it was difficult with the older Blogger "Anonymous" and "Name/URL" selections. Your ISP and Google/Blogger log your IP address, no matter how it is done. It isn't difficult for the police to find out who had an IP address at any given time. But no one is going to write anything libelous or threaten anyone, right? So ...

So, you can comment with a Google or an OpenID account. You can get a Blogger (Google) account without creating a blog! Choose your own screen name, and choose which, if any, information you want your "profile" to reveal. That also ensures that no one else can comment as "you," unless you let them log in to your account.

I have no way of knowing who you are.

Maria said...

Palingates has a great sense of community. Sure, and like other communities, members do refer to other blogs and posts on those blogs, but Regina, Patrick and Kathleen do not criticise other bloggers. But you would know that if you visit Palingates, as you admit to doing.

I would respect you more if you focused on Sarah and refrain from putting down bloggers who are not the enemy.

Just my opinion...

Joie Vouet said...

Maria, yes, palingates has quite a community. I and others could tell you about blog swarms and bullying attempts. One of them was instigated in the comments at palingates. Those comments were later "censored" by Patrick, although it was Kathleen's hasty conclusion and Patrick's affirmation of it that led to the trouble.

Maria said...

Thanks for your reply. I've never quite understood why there appears to be so much dislike of Palingates by bloggers who are also intent on exposing Sarah Palin.

I'm in my late sixties and it's my experience that holding a grudge or putting down slights, whether perceived or otherwise, does more harm to oneself than to the other party.

Again... just my opinion.

Joie Vouet said...

Interestingly, no one has addressed my question about whether Patrick Palingates is projecting German guilt on America.

As warranted, I'll include palingates' "oopsies" in future "circus news" posts. You may discover that palingates is very palinesque.

Where shall I begin? :)

(A failure to address a particular palingates post on my part should not be construed to mean that that particular post is error-free.)

nancydrew said...

Joie--It's not projection--it's hyperbole, which brings us to the Palingates problem of the repetition of the reductio ad absurdum. Or perhaps, in this case, the reductio ad Hitlerum. Patrick has a point but he's missing the correct target. If there is a Goebbels parallel, it's with the deliberate blurring of media and corporate interests along with compromising and commandeering government oversight--the public interest and general welfare be damned. Power and "nationalism"and exceptionalism. Roger Ailes and Karl Rove are certainly the surreptitious stepchildren of all that Goebbels embodied. Murdoch? Not so much--he just wants to haul in bigger fortunes. She who will be muzzled is a ridiculous accident of history. Goebbels was no accident. We're all being propagandized and that is frightening. Meanwhile the neutered press corps fiddles away.

I think you were wise to spend time with Scarlett. Do you think she did "think about it tomorrow"?

Joie Vouet said...

nancydrew, You could be right about Patrick's hyperbole, but I'd like to see a psychiatric workup just the same.

Scarlett was remorseless :)