Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wasilla's Light

At Gryphen's, there is a story from The National, a newspaper in the United Arab Emirates. In The National's story, about Sarah Palin's book signing in Wasilla, there is a photo of Wasilla's Mocha Moose, during full daylight, and a photo of Jessica's Beehive Beauty Shop in low-light. The National's Mocha Moose photo reminded me of a photo of the Mocha Moose made in low-light by Bill Hess. Seeing The National's photo of Jessica's beauty shop reminded me, too, that there can be some beautiful light in Wasilla.

Here's The National's Mocha Moose photo, where Sarah Palin drives-through:

Here, Bill Hess has made a photo of the Mocha Moose when he visited at another time of day:

And, here is the low-light photo of Jessica's Beehive Beauty Shop, where Sarah Palin has had her hair done:

Frank Flavin's photos are from a story about Sarah Palin's book signing, in Wasilla, Alaska.

Bill Hess covered the book signing, too. Bill Hess has seen Russia from Alaska! Bill Hess' blog — Wasilla, Alaska, by 300 ... — can be found on the blogroll.


AKPetMom said...

Wasilla's light definitely waxes and wanes with the seasons!

We're on the upswing now and there's nothing like seeing light in the sky at 6:00pm.

I enjoy all of Alaska's seasons but darnit, there's something to be said for this time of year when you can say "wow, I've lived through another winter! At my house we don't mind the cold, but the cold and the dark together are something that we are glad to see the back of....

Thanks for posting your comparison photos. We in our household have had trouble understanding Palin and her family and her hangers-on. That's a good thing, I'm sure :0

Bill of Wasilla said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

One would never have known the Mocha Moose was so small, had we seen only the National photo. Thanks Bill for showing us another view. Hmmmmm... I can smell the coffee brewing right now!

As for the Beehive.... The full name of the business is a good indicator of why we see the hairstyles on Sarah that we do. The beehive was very popular in the '60s and '70s and I'm aging myself when I admit to wearing that style myself. Most upscale businesses now refer to themselves as hair salons, hair stylists, day spas, or similar. The term beauty shop certainly harkens one back to that era of the poofing, teasing, and enough hair spray to knock you out.

ManxMamma said...

Thanks for bringing attention to Bill's blog. I find it a source of calm whenever I get too bogged down in Palin craziness.