Saturday, January 30, 2010

PROOF! Sarah Palin Doesn't Write OR Read Her Facebook Posts - UPDATED

On Tuesday, January 26, 2010, Sarah Palin wrote signed this statement on Facebook:
Women’s Rights groups, like NOW, commendably call out advertisers and networks for airing sexist and demeaning portrayals of women that lead to young women’s diminished self-esteem and acceptance of roles as mere sexed-up objects.
On Thursday, January 28, 2010, Sarah Palin told Greta Van Susteren:
I mean, there are so many offensive commercials out there and, um. There's commercials out there that belittle women and demean them and make them feel like sex objects and I haven't heard a whole lot of protest from N.O.W. on that. H/T Bree Palin and a Guest commenter.

Tuesday, she commended N.O.W.; Thursday, she slammed them — for not doing what she had praised them for doing on Tuesday!

Who wrote the Facebook post? Why wasn't Sarah Palin familiar with the post's contents?

Update: Here is the snapshot of Sarah Palin's Facebook Post on Tuesday:

: Listen for Sarah Palin's statement on Thursday, about the 2:12 mark:


Anonymous said...

I think we all know the answer to that question.
Piece of work that Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's BUSTED!

Anonymous said...

It's possible she forgot what she wrote ;)

Anonymous said...

She doesn't like to read.

She writes her facebook in a trance state, so doesn't remember.

Oh her following will find good reasons for contradictiong herself.

ella said...

Most people think RAM writes the FB posts. This theory seems based on the fact that Rebecca A. Mansour (RAM) disappeared from c4p and left Los Angeles for Fairbanks.
After studying both RAM's writing (on c4p) and Newt Gingrich's writing, I think Newt is the author.
I have no doubt that Sarah does not write, read or understand the FB posts.
The grammatical ejaculations are far too copious for her limited comprehension.
SP's FB posts are no longer covered by media. This, IMO, is because:
a. media finally "gets it" that she does not write them or read them.
b. she is now on FOX and the public can hear her brilliant (LOL) words first-hand.
"b" was a big mistake for sarah if she ever thought she could be taken seriously.

Anne NC said...

Everything I ever read said that Palin was her own worst enemy. It turns out to be true. Who else would be so ignorant as to put their name to a FB post and then not bother to read it prior to signing it? Remember the time on Hannity's show, he mentioned her FB post and the "deer in the headlights" look appeared from Palin. Her answers in regards to her "very own FB post" were along the lines of "yes", "yes", and "exactly". She couldn't elaborate on what she wrote because she never bothered to read it.

Will her loyal followers even begin to realize the truth behind her?

Can you imagine her standing in front of a group from the Democratic party and being able to refute questions for over an hour without notes, a teleprompter and do it with humor? Not in this lifetime.

Sarah, your FB posts, that the media have ceased to comment on since they were wise to the fact that you didn't write them, are simply blatherings on a social networking site. They are not discussed by major media except to ridicule them. Let's see you do what REAL politicians do, stand in front of the NATIONAL press and answer questions.

Great catch to those who caught this major flub of Mrs. Palin.

Anonymous said...

Credo has a petition going against airing this ad:

dsmyre said...

Dear Sarah:


Kasha Knish said...

Every time $P is exposed in a lie my brain thinks of this moment in "The Wizard of Oz" (grin)

I keep hoping somebody does a parody of this scene w/ $P behind the curtain.:)

Joseph said...

Nice catch!

snowbilly said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by, everyone.

There are some Mythbusting posts, too. Scroll down, they're on the sidebar, under Mythbusting Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin's "Hockey Mom," "Frontierswoman," and "Star Basketball Player" myths get shattered.

There are also a lot of interesting blogs listed in the Blogroll.

snowbilly said...

Too funny ... last night someone posed the question on Yahoo questions, something like, "Is it true or false that Sarah Palin writes her Facebook posts." After getting an email about it, I went over there, signed-up and voted (commented, anyway). At the time about 12 people had commented. This morning, the question has been deleted! We must have hit a nerve.

Anonymous said...

It's on Daily Kos, too: Does Sarah Palin Read Or Write Her Facebook Posts?

Alot of comments. One was especially insightful: "This is what happens when you can't keep your lies straight."

Bea said...

Reminds me of another T-shirt I used to see in the 80's along the lines of the "flat-busted" one Sarah so proudly displays in that pic from her college days:

"Too Dumb To Know Better
And Too Cute To Care!"

Granny Palin clearly thinks she can skate by on her 'good looks' (*hurl*) alone. No need to do any work or ven famiiarize yourself with the work others are doing for you. And with a certain brain-dead segment of the population she is right. Sad.

BTW, could my wv be more hilarious and apropos?: "sucklit"


Curiouser said...

snowbilly - Funny how, after avoiding interviews to discuss her facebook notes, Sarah ran into trouble with one during her own commentary on Fox.

Excellent catch and great job documenting it!

Kevin said...

Snowbilly, this is disgusting "gotcha" journalism. You left out the fact that on Wednesday her opinion was perfectly consistent with her Tuesday or Thursday opinion.

Anonymous said...

This gave me an idea for another funny pic....The Palin of Oz

See my other $arah Paylin funnies: