Friday, January 8, 2010

It Was Fact-checked!

What? Going Rogue was fact-checked?

No! We're not fools. Me and Mrs. Palin was fact-checked!

We can now read the story as a series of episodes out of Levi's life with the Palins.

We can now ask, "Who was present in each episode? Who could verify this?"

Remember! It's not necessarily someone we're told was present.

How do I know this?

Levi Johnston encountered Meghan McCain at the 2008 Republican National Convention:
The night Sarah made her speech, Willow and I were in the hair room. One of the hairdressers was working on Willow’s hair, and the other was doing mine, when Meghan McCain walked in and asked if someone could do hers. “I have a show,” she said. One hairdresser told her she would do her hair as soon as she was done and Meghan just lost it. “You’re going to do her hair before you do mine?” She got riled up and started dropping cusswords. “How are you going to do her hair when I have a show in 20 minutes? You guys are supposed to be working for my dad,” she said. “You’re not doing my fucking hair? Maybe you need to get some more people.” Then she left. [A representative for Meghan McCain called Levi’s account a “naïve mischaracterization.”]
If characterizations weren't imperfect — it wasn't a lie, but Levi's naïve and unaware that there is royalty in America — Levi might have told us of his regret about failing to realize that he should have jumped from his chair so Meghan wouldn't have to wait. So, you see, Meghan didn't actually "lose it;" her reaction wasn't unusual, given her status. Anyway, the takeaway from Levi's description of that scene is that Vanity Fair checked-out what Levi told them.

Meghan McCain pushed back! Over a "naive mischaracterization," not a lie.

None of the story's other participant's pushed-back!


Anonymous said...

Happy dance here too!

Some interesting comments going on here:

Anonymous said...

Sometimes things are hidden in plain sight.

Nice that Ms. McCain pushed back.

indy_girl said...

"We can now ask, "Who was present in each episode?" Who could verify this?"
Funny, when I first glanced at this story I thought it said, "Who was pregnant in each episode?"

Which is also relevant, too.