Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen bests Sarah Palin on Twitter

We're told, in "Charlie Sheen Passes Sarah Palin On Twitter," at

Charlie Sheen is adding Twitter followers at a record pace, but he has a long way to go to catch Lady Gaga and other Twitter superstars. But he has already passed Sarah Palin.

Link: Twitaholic Top 100 List

Sheen added 600,000 new followers in the first 14 hours he was on Twitter, which has stunned observers of the microblogging Web site. It took Palin 19 months to get about 430,000 followers. ...

At our main blog, Blogging towards Bethlehem, I wrote about Sheen's rant on a radio call-in program. Since then, Sheen has been interviewed everywhere and appears to be unapolegetic. The most recent news is that his estranged wife has obtained a restraining order, so the authorities have taken their children away from Sheen.

To follow this story or to catch-up, just go to Google->News and type sheen into the search box.

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