Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sarah Palin is Going to India?

Politico's Andy Barr is reporting:
Sarah Palin is traveling to India next month to rub elbows with Indian politicians and Bollywood stars.

The former Alaska governor is scheduled to speak at the India Today Conclave in New Delhi on March 19. ...

... The conference’s choice of Palin is an odd one. She will be the only American politician attending the conference, which is stacked with Indian and Pakistani officials, business leaders, public figures and entertainers.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is kicking off the conference Friday morning with the keynote. Palin’s speech comes Saturday night and brings the conference to a close.
Ah! The closing speech: Dessert; s'mores; a happy ending. Although Palin may not be contributing anything substantive to the conference, a closing speech shouldn't be a throwaway. eHow's guide, "How to Write a Closing Speech," addresses several things every closing speech writer should know. I'll put on my Sarah Palin hat wig and give you her reaction to each of the guide's points:
1) Understand Speech Structure
Organization? Word salad isn't allowed?
Explain who I am and mention my credentials? But -- woe is me! -- I quit.
2) Summarize Key Ideas
Ideas? What ideas?
3) Give Them a Clue
If that door opens -- Oops! will someone -- anyone! -- please! -- peel me off that door?
4) Make Them Feel Something
5) Get Them to Take Action
Perhaps I've lent her more self awareness than she has.


Donal said...

Oooohh, so many Asians! She will shrivel up and cry.

nancydrew said...

This has to be a joke, right? Other speakers are Germaine Greer, Muhamed El-Baradei and Niall Fergusson. Can you imagine Germaine Greer allowing her name to be associated with anything to do with Sarah "Hotshoes" Palin? Really? Lots of punking going on these days--I vote punk'd. The conference is titled "The Changing Balance of Power". Are there flash cards devoted to the subject? I sorta doubt it.