Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Photo From Hell (Lake Lucille Isn't What We've Been Led To Believe)

If Sarah Palin's latest Facebook rant is to be believed, the Palins have a new neighbor.

It's a funny strange story. According to Sarah, "Upon my family’s return this morning from endorsement rallies and speeches in the Lower 48 states, I finally got the chance to tackle my garden and lawn this evening! So, putting on the shorts and tank top to catch that too-brief northern summer sun and placing a giddy Trig in his toddler backpack for a lawn-mowing adventure, I looked up in surprise to see a “new neighbor” overlooking my property just a stone’s throw away. Needless to say, our outdoor adventure ended quickly after Todd went to introduce himself to the stranger who was peering in..."

So, the family was in the Lower 48? But a NY Times reporter spoke with Todd Palin in Wasilla recently, and Todd indicated that Piper, Track, Trig and Tripp were with him and that Sarah would be returning this weekend. Does Sarah have a secret family in the Lower 48?

Another odd thing about the story is that Sarah welcomes her new neighbor, but complains about him "peering in" and writing "bizarre anti-Palin administration oil development pieces," which, of course, were dutifully refuted by her friends &mdash all experts in yellow journalism &mdash at her Department of Natural Resources.

And what's this about the "family's swimming hole?" On a lake? A lake isn't usually thought to have a "swimming hole," like a river may have. Does some family think they own the lake?

The photo is from here, by way of "Neighbor From Hell," by TBogg at Firedoglake.


snowbilly said...

How much does Trig weigh? The average for a 2-yr old is about 25 lbs.

Googling for "toddler backpack," there are a lot of backpacks a toddler might wear. I didn't see any for a mom to wear, although I didn't look at everything.

The sensible thing to do might be to put the kid in a chair or have one of the servants -- whoops! -- family members hold him while mowing the lawn.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising that she misquotes Robert Frost. Even less surprising that the irony of Frost's poem is lost on her. And what's with the reference to Piper's bedroom? It's is disturbing how easily she invokes violations of her daughters' privacy and/or safety to reinforce her posture of victimization (Letterman, the unsubstatiated gang-rape threats etc.) Furthermore, the phrasing of a stranger "peering in" is suggestive and insidious. The man is a writer, writing a book about a public figure who not only wants people to give her their attention and money but very likely, their vote. She casts him as a peeping-tom. All in all, an artless, heavy-handed smear veiled as a complaint veiled as a welcome.

Anonymous said...

Right about swimming holes.. "A swimming hole is a place in a river, stream, creek, spring, or similar natural body of water, which is large enough and deep enough for a person to swim in. Common usage usually refers to fresh, moving water and thus not to oceans or lakes."


Anonymous said...

Sarah said, "I looked up in surprise to see a “new neighbor” overlooking my property just a stone’s throw away."

Well after reading that statement, I guess we can only hope the neighbor has the arm and accuracy of Nolan Ryan!

Carli said...

I imagine that's what the earth would look like if Palin were ever (shudder) elected president.

Anonymous said...

Todd would not let the lawn go unmowed!!! I call BS.

Anonymous said...

Todd indicated that Piper, Track, Trig and Tripp were with him.

No mention of Willow, was she breaking into someone's house again?

And then there was no mention of Bristol, who was she doin'? So much for abstinence!

Anonymous said...

Why does Sarah's face look SO different in this photo. It's like the angles are all wrong compared to her current face. Did she have that much work done? I used to think it was just a little botox, but it looks like a different woman.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sure she got home from months of traveling and immediately went out and mowed the lawn and of course with Trig in a backpack on her back because she's superwoman. None of those menfolk could possibly have mowed the lawn, and she couldn't bear to spend any of her 12 million to pay someone to do it. I call bullshit. Love how she set up the imagery for her perverted followers by saying she was in a tank top and shorts. She really came home and sat down with a crunch wrap supreme and turned on TLC's "Say yes to the dress". Love how hard she tries to keep this whole "perfect superwoman"myth alive. I'd love to hear from Joe Mcginnis whether he actually saw her mowing the grass. It's so obviously that she is trying to hard to cover all the bases, but her followers just eat it up. It's also disgusting that she mentions Pipers room. She really has something about her daughters and suggestions of molestation. Imagine how hard she's going to have to work all summer to keep the myth alive with Joe living next door. She thought she was going to be able to lay around and just shoot her TLC show, but now she'll have to shoot moose, mow the lawn, actually put in a garden, have the kids swim in the dead lake and make all the appearances of the perfect family! Karma's a bitch!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Joe, why would he want to try and stomach meals next to a vortex of evil for the next five months? Or in Sarah's version of annoyance, Trig's laughter?

She is already insinuating that he is a peeping-Tom perv and going to be calling in complaints to the police about his white trash neighbor.

Lighten up Sarah, he may not be Joe-Sixpack, but he's not Geoffrey Dunn.

What I'd like to know is what kind of Alaska makes the Sarah Palin's Alaska playlist?

Hunting / Fishing Guides (not the Subsistence Indigenous Native angle.)
Wasilla or Mat/Su residents.
Hunting and Fishing vets.
Oil field workers.
Non-resident Active military christians.
Commissioners who love cows.
Consignment shop owners.
Clean coal fantasy in Healy.

I don't hear any rumors from Rural folks about getting calls from TLC producers. This is going to be an Ugly Alaskan fishbowl show.

Alaskan Dad said...

Looking forward to reading Joe's book, it will be interesting to see what the neighbors have to say after he gets to know them.
As for spying on Sarah, she has removed herself from press interviews, so the reporters will be trying harder to get the facts on her. We should also note that the Palin camp was first to post a picture of Mr McGinniss, what about his privacy Sarah? Of course we know if and when Mr McGinniss shows the world pitures from Palinville, Sarah will fly to her Facebook to rant and rave!
The poor Sarah thing is getting to pathetic, especially when one considers it is all her own doing.
In Alaska she was able send out statements and not have troublesome interviews that would ask difficult questions, such as what do you read! Now she wants to run for president without talking to non fox reporters, the sad thing is the nut cases that follow and believe the insane diatribe she spews from her mouth and writes to her Facebook audience.
What a sad excuse for an American Presidential candidate, what has become of the America that was for the people, and by the people?

Anonymous said...

I like Alaskan Dad's question: what about the privacy of Joe McGinnis.
Joe didn't take and post of Sarah in her tank top and shorts (and that would be worth money to him!).

In Sarah's world, everyone is against her. Could that be because she seems against everyone else - or at least those who don't bow & scrape, pay and pay and pay.

She really needs to do some serious thinking about whether or not to declare for the Presidency because she is not going to pull this privacy BS. She will be fair game for investigative reporters and the paparazzi. She will have to disclose financial and medical records and defend herself on all sorts of things she's been able to hide or slough-off for now.

She will have to give open-ended interviews and press conferences and will not be able control everything the way she does now. There will be no contract saying "no" to this and that. Sorry, Sarah, that's just reality.

Oh, and in case it is Todd who is the Decider as her Dad implies - or would it be her corporate masters - he'd better wise-up and realize he's going to be small potatoes once she gets into the primaries.

Joe McGinniss as a neighbor is just the beginning. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Clearly Mrs. Palin is "projecting" once again when she alludes to men peering into a girl's bedroom. Evidently, growing up in the Health household was hardly a happy experience.

Anonymous said...

12:12 PM-


Good to see you back snowbilly.

AKRNC said...

I think Beck had a great idea when he mentioned Random House and Joe McGinniss. I'm going to buy a copy of all his books tonight that I can find. Anything to support a Palin "fan"! Looking forward to the new book, Joe. Palin's fans are under the delusion that nobody in Wasilla would ever talk to anyone about $P and that they will defend her to the death. Guess they haven't read anything that wasn't a bit one-sided lately?!

Anonymous said...

I believe there is a new edition of "Going to Extremes" coming out in June.

Let's hope all of this publicity (thanks Sarah) propels the sales of all of his books!

Free publicity is the best!

Drew said...

aka...Rocky in Texas said...

I bet she's a "neighbor from hell"

First thought in my head is the movie...

The Shining!

Drew said...

aka...Rocky in Texas said...

I thought trig rigged up a mower attachment so Toad could mow the lawn with his snowjob machine?!

Drew said...

aka...Rocky in Texas said...

Someone asked "what was Bristol doing over the weekend"...

I heard that she was busy...

rebuilding her cherry!

KaJo said...

"...violations of her daughters' privacy and/or safety to reinforce her posture of victimization (Letterman, the unsubstatiated gang-rape threats etc.)"...

Technically speaking, there are even sexual connotations about Palin's use of the description "swimming hole", since it so obviously isn't appropriate in describing Lake Lucille.

Drew said...

If the palins have a 700' +/- driveway, then I'm gonna assume that the same driveway services Joe's house.

That would mean that Joe would get access to that brand new electric security gate that Toad is installing to keep the undesirable's out.

That's gotta be rubbing him the wrong way!

sallyngarland,tx said...


That's what I thought, too---The Shining! Creepy.

Anonymous said...

I just love it! What goes around, comes around. Now that's a real "Got'cha" message from the owners of the rental house to the Palins.

I hope Joe invites all the Alaska bloggers over for a bar-b-que every now and then.

So she thinks he's there to spy on her? So why is she taking photos of him sitting on the deck. In her own words, I'd say it sounds more like she's spying on Joe.

Can't wait for the book to come out.

Anonymous said...

So what's next? Will Sister Sarah complain about the people renting rooms in the hotel down the road? It would be funny if Sister Sarah buys the hotel to keep people from looking at her little garden?

Jodman said...

Hmm, didn't Bristol say that she was scared because of threats and she was "out in the middle of nowhere"? So which is it Ms. Palin and mini-Palin? A "stone's throw" or "out in the middle of nowhere"?