Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Palingates Under Siege

A "just askin'" post at Palingates is creating quite a stir. The post hinted that Sarah Palin had committed perjury during her testimony at David Kernell's trial in Knoxville.

Palingates' post was brought up last night on Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" and pooh-poohed by Olbermann's guest, David Weigel of The Washington Post, who wrote about the controversy, yesterday.

Here is the "Countdown" video:

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This morning, in response, mediaite's Tommy Christopher posted what some might consider a humorous story, "Keith Olbermann Gets Bad News on Sarah Palin Perjury Allegation."

As has been said, "Any publicity is good publicity." Isn't it?

Update: David Weigel has written about the Palingates controversy, "I, Sarah Palin Defender."

Update: The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan trusts David Weigel's view on the matter.

Update: The Atlantic's Jake Simpson weighs-in.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Weigel is commenting from afar. The reporter spoken to by Patrick over at PG gave the exact words of $P's denial that she used her personal email for govt business.

Though that has already been settled if you go to http://crivellawest.net and search for "Sarah Palin Emails" where you'll find the truth.

And why was Toad involved in govt business he had no--oh wait. And why were members of the Heath family receiving copies of emails discussing govt business?

Hoo boy.

The "MSM" rears its ugly head once more and both Weigel and Timmah are thinking from their pants.

Anonymous said...

That should have been "Tommah" as in Christopher. : )

snowbilly said...

anon, we don't yet have a transcript of Palin's testimony. A quote of the reporter saying what Palin said isn't enough unless it's a direct quote, in quote marks. You have an indirect statement, there. The reporter is being quoted for what she says Palin said.

I assume you're referring to: "No what she said was the people at the governor's mansion sometimes sent her emails relative to issues regarding the mansion and her children. She denied specifically diverting gubernatorial issues to the account."

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know why some Alaskan bloggers are so against Palingates. After the story was reported on Countdown, one of them stated that the story was "debunked". I read a similar story at IM but no one stated that his story was debunked. As a matter of fact, IM always post Countdown when it has anything to do with Palin but I have yet to see a report from him.

What has Palingates done to these Alaskan bloggers that they have become so competitive. Aren't they all trying to expose Palin?

snowbilly said...

anon @ 10:06, You should ask the Alaskan bloggers about that. I don't know that they're against palingates.

lilly said...

Perhaps Alaskans feel proprietory about unearthing S.P. tidbits. That is their business not Palingates. The Palingate focus is on $P.

I tend to follow Palingates, and don't care how $P is taken out of politics. One way or the other we will get her out, based on her own actions.

Who will take her down, and what will it take to reveal her cynical lies, who knows?

It could be anything, and it could be anybody, in or out of Alaska.

Anonymous said...

"One way or the other we will get her out"

Get her out of what? The woman holds no public office. Is the plan to find a way to put her in jail? Yea, that really did a whole lot to slow down the Paris Hilton machine.

You can't "take her down;" she's the Paris Hilton of politics. Any press is good press for her.

The monster only grows when you feed it people.

lilly said...

Any press is good for her?

Not really.

I don't know what the plan is for anyone but myself.

My goal? That she never gets into the White House in any capacity.


The bigger the baloon, the more likely it will burst.

Anonymous said...

I think that balloon burst the last week of September in 2008, but more power to you.