Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Polar Bear Exhibit Tops Anything 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' May Offer

See this post for the latest information about the Polar Plunge exhibit.


nswfm said...

Thanks, San Diego Zoo, LA Times, San Diego Union Tribune (Sign On San Diego) and Snowbilly, for info based on science, not Granny Grifter Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

This is good news.

BTW, for the people who are upset that this blog covers Palin stuff, look to the left column for the purpose statements behind the blog.

Most of us truly appreciate what this blogger presents. One of the goals is to take a step back and have fun about someone as twisted as Sarah Palin.

You have to know about her and what she's up to in order to appreciate the humor. Without that sense of humor, her antics can only be classified as horrifying.

This is one of my favorite blog sites because it seems to achieve a balance between exposing her and promoting perspective.

The Discovery Channel info is more important that we first thought because now there is an article on HuffPo that suggests even bigger changes for the network. Seems that the new CEO is a former Fox guy who will have absolute power over everything - from marketing and production to content.

If you like science, you might want to start the search for alternate sources. Our family is going to miss The Science Channel and SyFy, but we are going boycott the network's channels and their sponsors when the Palin show airs.